What are vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties are like your portable vibrator. We all remember that scene from that Ugly Truth when that blonde was wearing a vibrating panty in a restaurant and well, let’s just say the panties were probably a bit wet when she took them off.

Basically, vibrating panties are discreet; they look just like a regular piece of lingerie but with a vibrator fitted inside. To be utterly serious, the vision behind vibrating panties was to get down and dirty whenever you’re feeling like it. You could be stressed out at work, or walking home from the subway, or just like blonde babe, sitting at a restaurant and all you need to do is turn on the panty with the remote and voila! You’ll soon be on your way to the best orgasm you’ve ever witnessed.

Oh, but you’re asking, why should I spend $30 on something I can do with my bare hands? Or why should I purchase one when I have a boyfriend? The panties probably aren’t the thing for you if you’ve never been fond of masturbation, but if you are, your hands and your boyfriend just don’t cut it. You could masturbate while doing the dishes, or watching TV or even exercise (though we don’t suggest doing that, you might fall down and break something); points being that these panties are perfect if you’re looking to calm down with some playful pleasure in the middle of tiring labor.