We-Vibe 4 review

We-Vibe 3 was a complete and utter disaster. People were actually very excited because the way the vibrator was explained really appealed most women. The product was advertised as a couple’s thing but most people just called it uncomfortable and painful (but not in a good way).

We-Vibe 4 was quite like nothing we’ve ever seen. The vibrator is controlled by an app on your Smartphone providing tons of different modes and even allows distant play. The shape of the vibrator was also significantly improved as compared to its predecessors. This version easily fits in and clamps itself onto the vagina walls meaning that it doesn’t fall out.

The design of the We-Vibe 4 is meant to please both internally and externally. It has two different arms; a clitoral arm and an internal arm. There’s a different motor in each arm so you can feel vibrations separately. The app has 6 different modes and an echo mode as well. The echo mode pulses a vibration in one arm individually which feels just like the real thing.

The silicone used in We-Vibe 4 is much better than the one in We-Vibe 2 or 3. The material in them was glossy silicone that wasn’t exactly smooth and it easily got dirty. This version however, has silky silicone which doesn’t pick up on dust or hair at all.

Overall, this vibrator is a must have. The sheer amount of modes and customizations make it a good pick for couple who are looking for something extra in their sex life…