Need some oomph?

If you are like me, you are always looking for a small yet powerful bullet vibrator that will help you to reach that point in a matter of minutes. Or you could just be looking for a new addition to your play time box, something that isn’t expensive and that you can take with you anywhere you want to go. The Oomph Mini Vibrator is one of the best bullet vibrators out there. It is not only powerful but it is completely waterproof.

It comes in two different models, there is a single speed and then there is the 10 speed. These are both considered the best sellers because there are over 500 positive reviews about them. That is what made me want to try this one out and I am glad that I did.

Now the Oomph is only about 3 inches long and less than an inch in diameter. Don’t let the size fool you. It may be the size of your lipstick but it is quite powerful. Unlike the ones that I have tried in the past, other bullets have sacrificed their power to be small, but this one is packed with a lot of power in just a small size.

Now the 10 speed will come in either green or pink while the 1 speed is gold or silver.

The best part about this mini bullet is the fact that you can use it as a massager basically anywhere you can think of. People have stated that it feels great on their wastes, stomach, legs, and even feet. I was a little iffy about placing a vibrator on my feet but it does give a pleasant sensation near my pelvic bone during private time. It just really depends on what model you have. If you have the 10 speed then you have as little or as much pressure as you want on each area, where the 1 speed is okay. I won’t lie I prefer the 10 speed over the 1 speed.

Since it is waterproof, I have had plenty of fun time in the shower with it. I have never had an issue with it leaking or being damaged and the best part is that since it is so small you can take it just about anywhere for some much needed relief at your convenience. I found my 10 speed Oomph on Amazon and I love their warranty and pricing system. The best part is that it was actually delivered before the estimated delivery date.

When it comes to keeping the toy clean you can just use warm, soapy water. This allows you to scrub off your juices or lube. The best part is that since it is made from silicone, it isn’t abrasive to your skin. It really allows you to feel the smoothness on your body and if you hold it between two fingers and turn it on, you are going to watch it fly out of your hand. That is how strong the vibration is.

The only issue that I found with it, was the weird shaped battery. Luckily it came with one and they are easy enough to find on Amazon. You can just unscrew the top and put the battery in.

Overall this is a really good toy to have in your arsenal, especially if you are one for play time by yourself.