Easy Anal Buddy

If you are like many, the taboo act of anal play is not only a pleasure enhancer, it feels naughty and increases this pleasure. The design makes it a great option for a first time anal experience, or for those more experienced with anal. With the Easy Anal Buddy, beginners and experts with anal play can enjoy themselves.

The design has a flared base that is easy to grip, and using non-toxic jelly style material, it heats up quickly with your body temperature. This allows the user to feel more comfortable, especially for the first timers.

The overall shape is also made with easy insertion in mind. The soft jelly material is easy to insert, and the top starts out small, and gradually gets larger towards the base. This allows you to take things at your own speed and increase or decrease the size as you prefer.

It also provides multiple speeds and runs off 2 AA batteries that allow you to have it ready any time, just keep spare batteries on hand. You will find that it’s a fun toy to take with you on travels too.

The speeds are changed using a dial twist method that is located on the front of the vibrator, moving it left and right you get to choose the speed that’s just right for you. This makes it easy to control, even if you are in the dark. Also makes a great introduction toy for couples looking to spice up their sex life a little too.