Best Lelo Vibrators

LELO is a Swedish company that is literally the maestro of sex toys. From vibrators to BSDM products, they have everything you can ask for. LELO vibrators are pretty much the most pleasing and luxurious vibrators you can ever find. Their transformed look, evolved functions and the general feel of the vibrator are really something you don’t see in other vibrators.

LELO has a large assortment of vibrators available. We’ve listed out 3 of our personal favorite below:

LELO Mona 2 Vibrator

This is by far, one of the most loved vibrators in mankind history. The shape and design of this vibrator is meant to drive you crazy. The vibrator is curvy with a wide middle that just knows how to hit the G-spot. The vibrator is easy to use with buttons that are conveniently accessible. The vibrator locks into place meaning that it can be used in travel too.

You can read my full Lelo Mona 2 review.

LELO Gigi 2

This vibrator is for women that feel slightly intimated by huge vibrators. Gigi 2 smaller and sleeker as compared to the Mona 2. It also has a curved shape with a flattened tip meant to massage your G-spot. The vibrator is rechargeable, waterproof and has similar buttons and lock-in technology as the Mona 2.

LELO Smart Wand Massager

The LELO Smart Wand is for women that like their vibrators big. Corded massagers can be annoying because you have to sit next to an outlet and you exactly take them to the bathroom. Smart Wand is a corded vibrator without the cord. It’s huge in size and has the biggest motor as compared to other LELO vibrators. The vibrator also incorporates SenseTouch Technology that increases the vibrations as the vibrator touches your skin.

Overall, LELO produces strong and durable vibrators. Almost every vibrator has a design that’ll make you fall in love with their products. So, it doesn’t really matter which vibrator you choose, all of them are really incredible and one of a kind…