What’s the best vibrator?

The most taboo subject for many women is masturbation. Although it isn’t as bad as it was before, today’s society still wants to keep that part of our life quiet. If a guy brags about just how much he jerks off daily, it is basically a badge of honor that they can wear for the world to see. There are a lot of vibrators out there and picking the best one is hard. There are so many companies that produce amazing products that will get your heart pumping and your loins throbbing at the buzzing sound. You have toys for clitoral stimulation, internal stimulation or both at the same time. It really depends on what is best for you. If you are a beginner or an expert toy user, then these toys that are listed below should be in your arsenal.

Lelo Nea Pebble

Now this nifty little toy is almost like opening up the most expensive box of chocolates. It is basically the Rolex of all vibrators and it has a very sleek, feminine and sexy design that is discreet enough that people will have no idea what it is if you just leave it lying around the house. The one thing you will notice with Lelo toys is that they are fully rechargeable, so you are able to save money on batteries and keep your environment safe. The best things come in little packages, so the first time you use this little bad boy, you are going to see what I mean. It starts out from light pulses to mind blowing hardcore vibrations. It has 5 speed settings and the sleek design means that you can use it as a body massager during foreplay on you or your partner.  Check out if it’s one of my favorite Lelo vibrators.

We-Vibe II Couples vibrator

When it comes down to getting a really good couples toy, this is the best on the market. It is designed quite well and is o excellent quality. It also happens to be battery and wire free. This updated We-Vibe is very flexible and simple to clean and it even comes with an on and off switch, which will take you through some really nice vibrating and pulsing speeds that will have you gripping the sheets. Since this couples toy will massage your G-spot, this vibrator will fit snuggly inside of you and since it quite flexible, you can place the clit stimulator right where it needs to be without any major pressure that can be painful.

Even when used alone, it packs a mean punch to your lady parts, but when you add the thrusts and rocking motions of some great sex, you are going to back to back screaming to the world about how awesome it is.

Check out we-vibe.com to find out more.

Lelo Isla

I have always been told that you will get what you pay for, and when it comes to this naughty little device, that is so true. The Isla is very luxurious and beautiful. The shape is unique and gorgeous and it has been wrapped, boxed and presented in a way that says “hey, I’m important”. Plus, when you get it in the box, it doesn’t even resemble a sex toy. If you have never had a G-spot orgasm, then you are going to be in for a real treat.

This version of the Lelo products is super quiet. It is actually one of the quietest on the market right now. It has some unique settings as well which go from sensual pulsing vibrations to continuous mind-blowing vibrations that will push you over the edge. Another thing that many people love about the Isla is that it has a finger loop so that you can really control your own pleasure. If you aren’t into G-spot orgasms, then it is good to know that it is safe enough to be used on your clit without all the super intense feelings, unless that is your thing.

Visit lelo.com to find out more.

Lelo Mona 2

Find some youtube vids reviewing this product below.  You will need to sign in for the first one.

Check out my review of the Lelo Mona 2.

Utimi 10 Speed G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator


Utimi reabbit vibe

This unique rabbit will certainly get your motor going. It has a dual motor that will simultaneously stimulate both your G-spot, clit and vagina all at once. It has a really smooth and compact shape that will let you insert it easily into you without having an extreme fullness feeling. The best part about it is that it is made from silicone and has 10 speed vibrations, so it doesn’t matter if you are a power queen or a beginner rabbit user, this is the one rabbit to rule them all. Plus, it has a really easy to swallow price tag. That makes it worth just about every single penny. I won’t lie, this one could be a lot better if it was waterproof, but for outside of water play, this is a really great vibrator.  This toy is available at amazon.com.

Eroscillator 2

eroscilator 2

eroscilator 2

This is a pretty futuristic looking vibrator. It is meant for clitoral use, and it is seriously a pleasure powerhouse. It wiggles and oscillates over 3600 times during one minute instead of just giving you that vibrating feeling. It is like having someone’s finger move very fast on your clit. Plus, there are even attachments that make it more fun. Each one will give you a new and different sensation. They all have unique names like Golden Spoon and Legionnaire’s Mustache. Plus, it is super lightweight and is completely waterproof. So you can take this bad boy with you on long trips or just in your tub for a bit of sexy time.

C-Ring by Mio

This is a vibrating C-ring that is completely been designed for hands-free clitoral stimulation. Take and stretch this bad boy onto your guys hardened member and then turn it on. Simple to use and it is completely waterproof, rechargeable, and it has different colors. Seriously though, this is a really awesome C-ring as it will stimulate you while it stimulates him in a unique way. That way you both can reach that point without having to wait on the other.